Women Leading in Education Across Continents

​​​​​If you wish to be on the program, please submit an abstract to one of the 12 topics found on the Program page.

Conference sessions include three types of participation.

Oral Communication - Individual presentation of research; case study; Pedagogical or management practice. Time of presentation: 15 minutes.

Performance - Individual or collective presentation in which a cultural experience as poetry, testimony, scripts can be communicated by one or more persons in the group. Time of presentation: 10 minutes.

Posters – Only for Undergraduate from UERJ courses 

For acceptance on the program, email a proposal abstract no later than APRIL 7, 2017.

Proposals should include the following.

•  Title of Presentation

• Your name

• Your contact information: Email, mailing address, cell phone • Institution, if applicable

• Theme you are addressing (one of the 12 themes in the program)

• Key words

• Description of your proposed contribution: No more than 300 words

. •  Proposal in English 

Send proposal to: grogan@chapman.edu, with a copy to mle.wle2017br.contato@gmail.com.no later than

April 21, 2017.

Here are 12 broad themes into which presentations can be included.  
     Traditional Peoples and Human Rights
     Cultural diversity
     Education and Disability
     Learning Art with Traditional People
     Leadership & Gender/Africaness
     Gender & Leadership/Non-Formal Education
     Being Leaders in Society/Formal Education
     Margins to Centers/South America and Caribbean    

     Sexuality and Gender
     WLE Making History
     Fanning the Flame for Social Justice
     Institutional Partnerships