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Message from Sharon Adams-Tay.or

Rosangela Malachias, our local host and her team, will start our day with an opening ceremony that is slated for 9 and to 11 am followed by a light lunch. The group will then board a bus to tour some cultural sites in the city of Duque de Caxias. Touring the iconic Rio de Janeiro sites, they feel, will take more time than we have.

Several of you are arriving a few days early and this would be a good time to plan tours of Corcovado Mountain and statue of Cristo Rendentor, Sugar Loaf, Copacabana Beach, Ipanema, the Botanical Garden, etc. For those not arriving early, most of your flights will depart Rio the night of July 27th, so that day is also a great option for a tour. If you decide to tour on the 27th, you will have met several like-minded participants and may be able to do some touring as a small group with new friends and colleagues.

I often travel solo internationally (an absolutely freeing experience…not for everyone, I know).  In that instance,  when I want an organized tour with some other people around, I usually book Viator (www.viator.com),  a national tour group that contracts with local tour companies around the world.  The group effect often keeps prices down and most of their tours are limited in size, so that you are not on a bus with 40 people, but perhaps, in a van with five other travelers. Viator is having a 10% off sale right now for new users. TripAdvisor owns Viator.

You should also check out the TripAdvisor (www.tripadvisor.com) site if you want a private driver, i.e., you want to develop your own tour…you want to see Sugar Loaf, but not Ipanema; or you’d like to spend an hour at one of the amazing local markets or shopping areas, instead of at the Rio Zoo.  I do this all the time, whether traveling solo or with two or three others. It may cost more, but you can divide the cost if traveling with others and, most importantly, get exactly what you want.  You are not waiting for a guide on a loud speaker to go through four languages before he gets to yours or going to the Botanical Garden when you have terrible allergies just because it is part of the “planned tour.” 

The most important aspect of TripAdvisor for me is the reviews, especially when you are picking a private driver or a tour company.  Please read those reviews.  I have gotten some absolutely fabulous drivers and tour companies because of comments others made and avoided some disasters based on other travelers’ experiences.

Travel safely my sisters and my brother and I will see you in Brazil.


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