​​​​​​Nottingham Conference Convenor

Dr Kay Fuller (University of Nottingham on behalf of the BELMAS Gender and Leadership  Research Interest Group) 

Past Conference Hosts:

NEW ZEALAND: Dr. Rachel McNae, New Zealand, 2015, University of Waikato

GHANA:              Dr.Joyce Wilson-Tagoe, Apam, 2013, University of Winneba

GREECE:            Dr. Angeliki Lazairdou, Volos, 2011, University of Thessaly

GERMANY:         Hildegard Macha, Augsburg, 2009, Augsburg University

ITALY:                Dr. Helen Sobehart, Rome 2007, Duquesne University, Rome Campus 

Previous Conference Managers:

Melanie Simile, Conference Rome 2007 & Conference Augsburg 2009
Dr. Claudia Fahrenwald, Conference Augsburg 2009
Dr. Quirin J. Bauer, Conference Augsburg 2009
Dr. Kerry Robinson, Conference Volos 2011
​Apostolia Beka, Conference Volos 2011

Joyce Wilson--Tagoe, Conference Apam 2013

Rachel McNae, New Zealand 2015, University of Waikato


Professor Dr. Charol Shakeshaft, Co-Chair since 2010

Dr. Whitney Sherman Newcomb, Co-Chair 2010 - 2015

Dr. Helen Sobehart, founding Chair 2007-2010


Women Leading in Education Across Continents

Co-Funding Organizations

American Association of School Administrators (AASA), Sharon Adams-Taylor
University Council for Educational Adminsitration (UCEA), Dr. Michelle Young

Virginia Commonwealth Department of Education, Dr. Charol Shakeshaft

Advisory Group:

Dr.  Rachel McNae (University of Waikato)
Dr.  Pontso Moorosi (University of Warwick)
Dr . Saeeda Shah (University of Leicester)
Dr . Victoria Showunmi (University College London and Maynooth University Dublin)