Women Leading in Education Across Continents

WLE 2015 Conference:   
5th International Women Leading Education Conference:

31 August  -  3 September, 2015            
 New Zealand, 2015


International Women Leading Education Across Continents extends a warm invitation to academic scholars, researchers, postgraduate students and educational practitioners for the bi-annual conference located in New Zealand, Monday 31 August –Thursday 3 September 2015.

This conference brings together scholars and educational practitioners to explore and celebrate the work of women leaders worldwide. With a focus on the importance of shifting conversations about women’s leadership forward and creating meaningful and deliberate actions, this research conference seeks to celebrate women leaders, share research findings, generate global discussions and re-imagine leadership across a range of international contexts underpinned by notions of joy, passion and purpose.

The conference will take place in the city of Hamilton at the University of Waikato. The University of Waikato is nestled in stunning park like grounds is located on the east side of Hamilton’s vibrant city and is a central location for exploring further attractions in New Zealand. Hamilton is located 1.5 hours from Auckland International Airport.

Join us and experience the unique cultural heritage of New Zealand, the warm hospitality and stimulating research presentations and discussions during the 2015 WLENZ Conference.

Conference Theme

Finding And Harnessing The Joy In Our Leadership

Leading for social justice is serious and exhausting work. So, how and where do women find the energy, the rewards, the satisfaction and the joy in their leadership? What sustains them in a man’s world? How can that be harnessed to advance and support others? How do we bring back the joy to our work and let the joy be evident and effective in our support of other women leaders. How can we push forward women’s agenda with deliberate dialogue which reflects the ways in which women work.

The theme of this conference aims to shift the storyline of women’s leadership in order to seek systemic change and support the diverse ways in which women lead. Through the sharing of leadership experiences, innovative research and by engaging in dialogue, women’s ways of leading from global perspectives can be affirmed, supported and developed in ways which illuminate women’s ways of leading through professionally and personally rewarding practices.