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WLE Conference Alerts

​​ARRIVAL  Dr. Rosangela Malachias is our local WLE coordinator and hostess in Brazil. Her team – professors, staff and students at the University – will graciously meet you, pick you up, and/or arrange for taxis or shuttles from the international airport in Rio (GIG). Please forward your: Airline; In-bound flight number: Arrival time and,Terminal  to both of these email addresses:  mle.wle2017br@gmail.com and bethmaua@gmail.com as soon as feasible. 

Our local hosts will cover the costs of the taxis/shuttles from the airport to the Best Western Multi-Suites and the Mount Blanc hotels only. You will be responsible for arranging and paying for your return to the airport at conference end. The estimated price (for your budget purposes) is $80,00 BRL (about $25.00 U.S.), depending on traffic.  Rosangela asked me to remind you that few people in Brazil speak English and it is easy to get lost.

They will make sure you have an easy arrival, an invigorating conference, and a good time. IF YOU ARE ARRIVING IN BRAZIL PRIOR TO JULY 22ND, PLEASE MAKE YOUR OWN ARRANGEMENTS TO GET FROM THE AIRPORT TO THE HOTEL.

MONEY EXCHANGE   You will have to exchange your money (dollars, Euros, pounds, rupees, etc.) to Brazilian Reis (BRL) as foreign monetary units are not accepted. You can do that upon arrival in the airport or at local banks near the hotel.  You can also do it in your country though the rates are rarely as favorable as in-country. Feel free to use Google Exchange to get an idea of the exchange rate, keeping in mind that the rates for every country can change daily. For those paying for your hotel, credit cards may be used. Check the hotel website before you leave your country to be sure the right card is in your pocket.

DINNER ON DAY OF ARRIVAL There is a restaurant in the Best Western.  Rosangela says the hotel is across the highway from a mall, which will have additional options for a meal. The Mont Blanc is in downtown Duque de Caxias where there are several options for dinner.

OPENING CEREMONY  The WLE conference officially opens on July 23rd. The ceremony will be held downtown at the Library, which Rosangela says is near the Mont Blanc Hotel, from 9-11:30 am.  A shuttle will be provided for transportation to the Library. After the ceremony, we will have snacks and board the shuttle for Cultural Day, where Rosangela and her team have arranged for us to visit tourist points of Rio de Janeiro. If there is a site you want to see that we do not visit, please plan ahead, as you may be able to do that on June 27th (day of departure) as most international flights depart Rio at night. That gives you the entire day to explore more fully any particular point of interest or shop.


These wonderful people have dedicated and donated time to help organize and support this organization.  This year the local organizers in Brazil are Professor Dr. Rosangela Malachias - UERJ-FEBF, Maria Elisabeth Rosa dos Santos, and Professor Dr. Maria de Lourdes Silva.  They are joined by Dr. Sharon Adams-Taylor (US), Dr. Kay Fuller (England), Dr. Margaret Grogan (US), Dr. Rachel McNae (NZ), Dr. Kerry Robinson (US), Dr. Charol Shakeshaft (US), Dr. Joyce Wilson-Tagoe (Ghana), Dr. Michelle Young (US).

The Adventure Begins


Women Leading in Education Across Continents


At the conclusion of every conference, we aim to produce a publication of current work our members are producing.



WLE has  hosted an international conference every two years since 2007. Starting in Rome, scholars and activists for the education of women and girls through women's leadership have met in Germany, Greece, Ghana, and New Zealand.  THe 2017 conference is in Brazil. The 2019 conference will be in England.