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Ways of Seeing Women’s Leadership in Education: Stories, Images, Metaphors, Methods and Theories
Open Access, free download linked here. 

Sobehart, H. C. (2015). Women leading education across the continents: Overcoming the barriers. Rowman & Littlefield.

Education Lead(her)ship: Advancing Women in K–12 Administration
Jennie M. Weiner & Monica C. Higgins  • September 2023

FIT TO LEARN: MARCH 2023 - Increasing Female Representation in School Leadership
Jennie M. Weiner | Associate Professor • Principal Leadership Article • March 2023

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New Publications by Members 

Grogan, M., & Shakeshaft, C. (2010). Women and educational leadership. John Wiley & Sons.

At the conclusion of every conference, we aim to produce a publication of current work our members are producing.

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